What is life coaching?

It is a type of personal development work which helps the client to clarify and commit to personal goals. Through a personal action plan designed by the coach and the client, the latter makes those changes that they want to make in their life.

A key part of the process is to identify the obstacles that may be preventing the client from achieving their goals and help them to overcome these and thus achieve the desired goal.

What types of goals can be achieved by engaging in life coaching?

All kind of objectives can be achieved such as finding a balance between family, work and personal life, developing a confortable self-image, and generally increasing one´s personal and professional satisfaction.

What are the benefits obtained from life coaching sessions?

Establishing your true priorities and clarifying personal goals. Setting realistic goals.
Overcoming the blocks, fears and barriers that keep you from your reaching your goals.
Pinpointing your sources of  motivation.
Improvement of personal and working relationships.
Achieving a greater balance in your life.

  When should you do life coaching?

When you need to redefine your goals.
When you need to find your balance again.
When you feel stuck.
When you lack motivation to carry out your projects.
When you lack control in some area of your life.
When you want to develop your potential.