Life Coaching sessions are guided through a series of stages. These stages are sometimes presented in different orders and are not always given the same attention. This is because each person is different and so are their needs. Guided by a general scheme, coaching sessions have a number of common steps:

Stage 1: Analysis of the current situation.

The client explains their current issues of concern that he or she would want to work on.

Stage 2: Identifying personal goals. Specification of objectives.

The client identifies what are the goals he wants to accomplish and with the coach´s help specify the objectives.

Stage 3: Search of the blocking variables.

In situations where the client has not achieved the desired objectives to date, it is necessary to understand the blocking variables that may have prevented them in doing so. The coach and client together search for beliefs and automatisms that determine the client´s  actions and thus narrow down those obstacles preventing the client from achieving their goals. The dialogue and other types of techniques are used to contrast self-limiting beliefs.

Stage 4: Action Plan.

Guided by the coach the client designs a personal action plan focusing on realistic commitments and actions in order to achieve their goals.

Stage 5: Monitoring and Evaluation.

The personal action plan is monitored closely by the coach who continously assesses the result of each action that is being implemented.

Coaching sessions last for approximately 60 minutes. In the initial stages, the sessions are weekly and then progressively spaced.